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Girl Gaze: Journeys Through the Punjab & the Black Country, UK is an exhibition exploring the lives of women and girls in the Punjab, India and diaspora communities in the West Midlands, UK.


Four women artists were commissioned for the project: Andrea Fernandes (India), Uzma Mohsin (India), Jocelyn Allen (UK) and Jennifer Pattison (UK). Their diverse works paint a layered picture of contemporary life for women across generations in both countries and touch on themes dealing with tradition, culture, identity and what it is to belong. The exhibition examines how our sense of self is not defined purely by place but by the bonds of love and friendship maintained throughout life. The works explore the roles of family and community in women’s lives as well as the challenges they face with migration and assimilation into different cultures. In bringing these four works together, the exhibition suggests that there is no singular truth about what it is to be a Punjabi or British-Punjabi woman but a multitude of different and imaginative ways to live it.


Andrea Fernandes | Jennifer Pattison | Jocelyn Allen | Uzma Mohsin



Iona Fergusson


Andy Naorem


Arts Council England | ​British Council | Creative Black Country | Creative People & Places | Multistory | Nazar Foundation


Punjab Lalit Kala Akademi, Chandigarh, India. 10-18 March 2018

Apeejay College of Fine arts, Jalandhar, India. 23-27 March 2018

Blast! Festival of Photography, West Bromwich, UK. 24 May – 29 June 2019

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