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kanu's gandhi

kanu's gandhi

An archive of rare and intimate photographs of Mahatma Gandhi by his grand-nephew Kanu Gandhi

Kanu Gandhi, Mahatma Gandhi’s grandnephew came to live with him in the Sevagram Ashram and became his lifelong follower. Gandhi allowed Kanu to photograph him on the condition that no flash would be used; that he would never be asked to pose; and that the Ashram would not fund his photography. Though some of Kanu Gandhi’s images are well known to us, he was never credited for them. And even though some of his images have been reproduced in books on Gandhi, his work had not been published as one body of work nor has his work been acknowledged for its historical and artistic importance.


To give a forgotten photographer his due credit, Nazar Foundation, worked closely with his family, rescued his material from obscurity, first showing it as part of the Delhi Photo Festival in 2011 and publishing it under the title Kanu's Gandhi as part of its Nazar Photography Monographs in 2016. An exhibition followed that has been on tour since 2016.

In 2016 Nazar Foundation also facilitated the collaboration of

The Estate of Kanu Gandhi with Photoink gallery to make available limited edition archival silver gelatin prints of selected images for collectors and museums.

The Estate of Kanu Gandhi is owned by Gita Dharmaraj Mehta, daughter and sole legal heir of Kanu and Abha Gandhi.

All images © 2016 The Estate of Kanu Gandhi / All rights reserved. 


Nazar Photography Monographs 03


Culled from a long forgotten archive, the meticulously researched, painstakingly restored and exquisitely produced book reveal rare and personal photographs of the Mahatma during the last ten years of his life.


Photographs: Kanu Gandhi

Text: Prashant Panjiar

150 pages, 92 plates

22.2 X 23.5 cm / 8.75 X 9.25 in

Comments: cloth bound hardcover with window cut and a pasted print under as the cover image.

Project Curator: Prashant Panjiar

Monograph Editor: Sanjeev Saith

Design: Gopika Chowfla


Publisher: Nazar Foundation

Publication Date: October 2015


 Rs. 3000* only

*shipping extra




Curated by Prashant Panjiar and Sanjeev Saith, this exhibition based on the book "Kanu's Gandhi" comprises of 42 framed photographs, each 16 in X 16 in. 

For enquiries, please write to:


ICC, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania


Hanager Gallery, Cairo, Egypt

Bibliotheca, Alexandria, Egypt

Villa des Artes, Rabat, Morocco

Galerie Mohamed Kacimi, Fes, Morocco



Turner House gallery, Ffotogallery, Cardiff, Wales, UK 

Chobi Mela, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Jehangir Nicholson Gallery, CSMVS, Mumbai, India


Museum of Goa, Pilerne, Goa, India

National Gallery of Modern Art, Bangalore, India

Victoria Memorial Hall, Kolkata, India

Gandhi Ashram at Sabarmati, Ahmedabad, India

Kanoria Centre for the Arts, Ahmedabad, India


Delhi Photo Festival 2015, Indira Gandhi Centre for Arts, New Delhi, India


Delhi Photo Festival 2011, India. Habitat Centre, New Delhi, India

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