NAZAR FOUNDATION is a non-profit trust that aims to promote the photographic arts through interactions, exhibitions, publishing and workshops.

Though a few well-known Indian photographers have gained recognition abroad, and there has been a growing interest in photography from India, there has not been enough of a movement around contemporary photography within the country.

Two decades ago, photography was still by and large an exclusive art in India, restricted to either the rich or professionals who earned a living from it. Camera equipment was expensive and not easy to come by because of import restrictions. Film and printing were also expensive. Digital completely changed all that, freeing photography from such trappings and helping in the democratization of this art form. Meanwhile, the traditional centres of professional photography in India, photojournalism and advertising, no longer remained the torchbearers of photographic art, partly because they did not look ahead enough and partly because of the market itself. Now there are many more photo practitioners who work independently, spanning different genres of photography rather than being confined by a particular one. Without proper schools for photography, and in the absence of any real discourse, a large population of young photographers desirous of seriously committing themselves to the art, feel lost.

Nazar Foundation was born out of the need of these photographers who wanted to come together, to form a community, to share and learn.


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